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Hot Tofu Action

MindPosted by Doomgriever Aug 02, 2017 03:27
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Status: Working 20-25% ish on 3DRPG. It's too damn hot / humid / bad air circulation to be able to work properly during days, so I mainly focus on working late evenings and nights. It's going fine, doing some small changes, re-write stuff. All in all I'm positive it's going to be a good change for the game. But in this pace, it's going to take forever!

Anyways: I fried some Tofu in super hot chili sauce, mixed with lettuce, tomatos, cucumber and made a spicy refreshing sallad (yeah you bet I drenched that shit in garlic dressing!). Chili works wonders on depression, highly recommend! smiley
The science: When the body tries to deal with the Capsaicin, it releases endorphins.
The Pseudo-Science: No pain no gain! ;) Get your ass out of that comfort-zone.

What else?: I googled some reviews for "This Strange Realm Of Mine". I was pleasantly surprised it had a mention in "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" and "Rely On Horror".
*Yay intensifies*

Where I live it's been a draught for weeks, groundwater reserves critical, no-watering-the-plants rules etc. Let there be rain again! No rain again? Oh no..

This Strange Realm Of Mine: Rat's Poem - May

I think I'll go watch some Taboo now. Tom Hardy is damn good in that show!
Also, have to catch up with the new Rick & Morty season!