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3DRPG and Re-Visiting Old Projects

DevelopmentPosted by Doomgriever Jul 31, 2017 02:57
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Randomly generated voxel RPG. Basically you create your character, visit towns to recruit and gear up, explore worldmap, hunt food / cook it, fight monsters and look for treasure. Simple, but it is broken up into several different types of gameplay parts, so there are many many systems running in the background (I'll get to this in a sec).

Reasons To Re-Visit:

Bugs: There are some bugs and finding them is hard since I havn't touched the game in a year or two.

I had a bad HD crash where I lost the original, and the backup was 1 revision behind. So that was annoying.. Anyways.

User Friendly: The game is not user-friendly to PC gamers (Keyboard / Mouse). It's supposed to be played with controller, but even there some people had problems with **insert various different reasons**. And all of them are very valid (I'll also get to this in a sec). Also the Crafting menu and pretty much any menu are badly designed.

CPU Heavy: Want to cook eggs on your laptop? Now you can with this one simple trick, no V-sync and performance heavy game 3DRPG! "Tadaa!"

Unhappy With It: I feel the whole idea and concept of it is... lacking? I need to re-think this.

Other reasons: Probably a ton of other reasons that I can't think of right now.


Are you developing a game? If so, you might know how hard it is to get back into a project you've created years ago. For reasons like: you've grown as a programmer, software updates, you no longer have the projects code freshly in your memory. (If not, don't worry, just think of going back to school to do that history test you did as a 10yo. You're screwed if you're like me and have long since shredded any information I managed to cram into my head).

Unity: Has updated several times since the original release. Is this bad? Not at all, but it means some additional work. Old defunct features are gone, new ones to replace them. Etc.

Hehe. No for real. It took me a long time to muster courage enough to even take a look at "How bad is it? How much work? CAN I fix this? Is it worth it?" so on and yada-yada.

Re-Design: If I choose to re-design the majority of the game. It's going to take a while to get things up and running.. I don't even know where to begin really. I've started with the controls atleast. You have controls of a standard 3rd Person game, also in 1st Person you can actually look with your mouse ("Whaaaat?" *Mind-Blown* - Indeed.. It was because I played with controller before, and mouse was an afterthought).


Ok so a few things before wrapping up. I did play the game recently. And as I've forgotten HOW to play it, I found it frustrating and annoying, unintuitive, you name it.

This is an issue that I at the time didn't notice as I got so used to play it "the correct way" (my way). But people were right, the game is clunky and controls are bad. I'll fix this.


Just kidding. Not even gonna talk release other than "autumn". It depends really on how deep this patchwork is gonna get. I havn't decided yet. But atleast I'll make sure this goddamn game is userfriendly, mouse-accessible, doesn't turn your PC into a bucket of lava and sooo on.

Phew. That was a lot of text. I'm off to bed (Hah who am I kidding?). I'm probably gonna watch GoT and try to ignore the looming anxiety that has creeped up on me this past days. (¬、¬)