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Ok I finally looked at some Steam Reviews

DevelopmentPosted by Doomgriever Jul 27, 2017 22:51
It's all positive so far! What a relief! This one is touching and I think I'll print it out and frame it! Heck even get it on a t-shirt! smiley

REALM released on Steam and what it means to me..

DevelopmentPosted by Doomgriever Jul 27, 2017 18:56
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If you are like me and live under a rock, you might have missed that "REALM" was released the 19th of July 2017. So a week ago. \o / ("What is REALM?" ^ check link above)

This is my 4th game on Steam, and definitely the game I'm most proud of. Developing games solo is HARD, or well developing games is hard in general, solo or not. So many details, so much to keep track of, so much that can go wrong if the player behaves unexpectedly. But hey, in the end REALM became a pretty solid game imo. Compared to *cough* 3DRPG *cough*. (Yes I'm working on a major patch for 3DRPG don't worry it'll be out towards autumn sometime.)


Started in August 2016 sometime after "Oh No! Bugs!" was released. Development ended sometime in July 2017. So it took 11 months roughly. No vacation, many nights spent working on REALM instead of sleeping, which is ok, I'm a night-owl, always have been / always will be. However, during the winter half-year I usually go down to 25%-50% in work-load, as I get pretty anxious / depression during this period. I have to focus on staying alive yo!

The game is made using Unity. Now this is acutally my 3rd Unity game (3DRPG, Oh No! Bugs!, REALM). So I'm starting to get the hang of it. Why Unity? I came from Flash (Koala Kids), and Flash is pretty much dead at this point (RIP). Flash script-language is AS3, which is pretty close to Unity's C#. So it was an easy transition. But learning a new Engine is no easy task. It takes a while to get used to everything (hence the messy 3DRPG sorry about that).


Pixel art is made using "Aseprite" check it out on Steam, it's good.

3D-Models are made using "ProBuilder" found in Unity Assetstore. Yes it costs money, no it's not the best tool out there. BUT you build things IN Unity which is really nice compared to an external 3D modelling tool (for me, not for everyone, I'm no modeller and it lacks features compared to Maya etc).


Music is made using Cubase. I've made game-music for my game projects (non-released and released) since like 2002 I think, under the name "False Intentions". Also at 2009 I started to make electronic music (separate from game music) under the name Encaved (hence @encaved on Twitter). In REALM you might notice in the OST that both False Intentions and Encaved are present. They are similar but different in styles (??), representing the dark / light parts of the game.. Not gonna go too deep into the artsy-fartsy parts of this right now.

Reception and Advertisement:

This is the worst part about making games (or any other art project that needs to get attention), you need to advertise. Post it everywhere, to everyone, hope someone will review it (good or bad).

As I suffer from pretty bad anxiety, this is hard for me. As much as I want people to play and experience the game, I don't want to shove it in peoples faces. But it's a tough market and you just have to, if you want to survive (read: be able to feed my two cats!).

Also, I typically go into a post-release-depression, feeling empty, feeling purposless, feeling disassociated from the project. I cannot read reviews, answer peoples questions for a while after release (I try but it's really hard!).

Quick How To Advertise:
- Post in relevant FB Groups
- Make twitter posts with relevant #
- Gather list of YouTubers and write them a mail
- Gather list of Magazines and write to them as well
- Setup Presskit() so it's easy for press to get necessary info and pictures
- Setup Keymailer so you can send out keys safely
- Pray someone will noti- what? This doesn't work? Oh.. Ok scratch that last part!
- Give keys to people who promise reviews or giveawa- Huh? Not that either? Well damn..

End Thoughts:

This project means alot to me. I feel like I managed to write down some of my more "deep" thoughts about life, death, fears, social-anxiety, you-name-it. And hopefully people will "enjoy" that, or learn something and so on. It was fun to work on, but I'm so glad it's over and I can finally focus on something more colorful and happy!

What the future hold:

Who knows? ;)
I'm actually working on 3DRPG again, a patch that will do a big overhaul of systems and controls etc. Make it userfriendly etc. After that MOAR games! (I have a plethora of game-ideas that I need to develop and release. Problem is choosing which one to do first, it takes year(s) after all.. )

That's all folks! Thanks for staying with me for so long!

Hello World

OtherPosted by Doomgriever Jul 27, 2017 03:40
Testing This out.
^ Yes this is a real picture of me. Handsome ain't he?

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