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Hot Tofu Action

MindPosted by Doomgriever Aug 02, 2017 03:27
Now Listening to: Kirk Knight - Flexible

Status: Working 20-25% ish on 3DRPG. It's too damn hot / humid / bad air circulation to be able to work properly during days, so I mainly focus on working late evenings and nights. It's going fine, doing some small changes, re-write stuff. All in all I'm positive it's going to be a good change for the game. But in this pace, it's going to take forever!

Anyways: I fried some Tofu in super hot chili sauce, mixed with lettuce, tomatos, cucumber and made a spicy refreshing sallad (yeah you bet I drenched that shit in garlic dressing!). Chili works wonders on depression, highly recommend! smiley
The science: When the body tries to deal with the Capsaicin, it releases endorphins.
The Pseudo-Science: No pain no gain! ;) Get your ass out of that comfort-zone.

What else?: I googled some reviews for "This Strange Realm Of Mine". I was pleasantly surprised it had a mention in "Rock, Paper, Shotgun" and "Rely On Horror".
*Yay intensifies*

Where I live it's been a draught for weeks, groundwater reserves critical, no-watering-the-plants rules etc. Let there be rain again! No rain again? Oh no..

This Strange Realm Of Mine: Rat's Poem - May

I think I'll go watch some Taboo now. Tom Hardy is damn good in that show!
Also, have to catch up with the new Rick & Morty season!


Bad Anxiety

MindPosted by Doomgriever Jul 31, 2017 02:21
Now Listening to: Kendrick Lamar - PRIDE


Darkness is looming again. I love summer, but I hate the feeling of dread I get late in summer. It's pitch-black outside, autumn is slowly creeping in. With autumn comes darkness, cold, windy rainy days, and then my least desired time of the year, winter (which lasts for what feels like atleast ½ a year).

"But it's August, not even close to winter?" - That's what I'd like to feel, but the lump in the throat and deep-rooted feeling of anxiety is very convincing of the opposite.


GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder ( ), is a more or less constant feeling of anxiety, not connected to something specific. I'm medicated with SSRIs and helps (a lot) but I don't want to go too high in dosage as I feel claustrophobic by it's effect. So every now and then the anxiety spills over, especially during autumn / winter. Not so much during spring and early summer *So I Got That Goin For Me Which Is Nice - Meme*


I don't know. I've slowly started to work again, but I'll update that in another post.